Colbert Forms New Political Party For The Very Rich: The P.I.T.Y. Party

On Monday night, Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert took an in-depth at America’s “new, vilified underclass:” THE RICH.

“In the post-crash stock market recovery, the top 1% of earners only got 93% of the gains,” Colbert explained. “What happened to that other 7%, Mr. President? Did it go for birth control for the Muslim Brotherhood? Solyndra stock options for the Black Panthers? Where?”

Fortunately, the rich are fighting back. And they’re organized, too. Their leader? A man named Lee Cooperman. According to an article in The New Yorker, Cooperman was inspired to go on his crusade after hearing a speech in which the President said that the rich could still fly their private jets, they’d just have to pay a little more, which they can afford. This constitutes, Cooperman is quoted as saying, a “declaration of class warfare.” He has also said that Barack Obama is “not totally different” from a certain Nazi dictator.

Cooperman, it turns out, just wants a little respect. And Colbert knows just how to go about giving him some… for a price.

Watch, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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