Colbert: Trump’s Populism Is the ‘One Saving Grace’ of His Campaign


CBS previewed an interview with Steven Colbert for Sunday’s Face the Nation, where he expressed that Donald Trump‘s anti-establishment candidacy has an attractive quality to it whether people love or hate him.

Even though Colbert agreed with the many who say that Trump’s controversial proposals are “more than a little shocking,” the Late Show host conceded that the mogul has an undeniable ability to court voter attention.

“There’s a populism to Trump that I found very appealing,” Colbert told John Dickerson. “The party elders would like him to go away, but the people have decided that he is not going to.”

Colbert went on to reference Trump’s continued lead in the polls, saying that it was “hopeful” to voters that the “people in the machine” can’t tell them who to vote for. “That’s the one saving grace, I think, of his candidacy,” Colbert said.

When asked about his respect for Trump and previous expectations that the mogul could never win the presidency, Colbert explained that he was talking about the capacity to create emotional appeal. “It might be emotional appeal that I can’t respect. But he knows that you have to appeal to the voter. And that’s why, I may be wrong, I made a big deal about there’s no way he’s gonna win.”

Watch above, via CBS.

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