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Cuomo: New York Now Has More Than Half Of Coronavirus Cases in U.S. After Surge Of 5,000 Cases

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo revealed that his state is home to more than half of the coronavirus cases in the U.S. during a press conference on Monday.

“The numbers today, total tested, up to 78 thousand, tested overnight over a 24-hour period, 16 thousand, as of yesterday about 25% of all the testing nationwide is being produced right here,” Cuomo told reporters, clarifying that the jump in cases is also due to increased testing in the state.

“Number of positive cases, we are up to 20,000 statewide, 5,000 new cases, which is obviously a significant increase. And as I say, that trajectory is going up, the wave is still going up.”

“New York far and away has the bulk of the problem,” the governor continued. “That’s relevant for the federal government, that’s relevant for the congressional delegation that is arguing for federal funds. Fund the need. Fund the need.”

“New York we have 20,000 cases. New Jersey, 1,900. California, 1,800. So proportionately in absolute terms, New York has by far the greatest need in the nation. Again, to keep this all in perspective, Johns Hopkins has studied every case from the beginning, 349,000 cases. Death toll worldwide is 15,000,” he continued.

The New York Times also reported on Sunday that “New York State now has roughly 5 percent of coronavirus cases worldwide.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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