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Dan Abrams: If Trump Pardons Roger Stone, It Would Be a ‘Rebuke of His Own Justice Department’

Mediaite founder and ABC News chief legal analyst Dan Abrams said on Thursday that if President Donald Trump decides to pardon his former adviser Roger Stone following his sentencing of 40 months in prison, it will be seen as “a rebuke of his own Justice Department.”

“This is exactly the sort of sentence that one would have expected if you followed the case closely,” said Abrams. “Remember, in a typical case prosecutors will often come in at a higher recommendation than a judge ends up sentencing the person to, so it’s not that surprising that the initial prosecutors came in at seven to nine years.”

“But remember, if the president does pardon Roger Stone now, that is showing real contempt for the Department of Justice,” he continued. “I mean, the Department of Justice, again through William Barr and the new prosecutors who are there, have again said this is a righteous prosecution. That Stone deserves prison time. For the president to step in at this point is to really again, I think, put him odds with his Department of Justice.”

Abrams also responded to Trump’s Twitter posts, saying, “Look, I don’t think it’s fake that Barr is upset and angry at the president tweeting. He’s got to go back and explain to this entire department, thousands of people, why they’re doing what they’re doing when the president of the United States is undermining them.”

“So in a case like this, the president’s words do matter,” Abrams concluded. “But more important are going to be his actions, and if we see that this has all been a set up — meaning everything he’s been saying and doing, and the other pardons that we saw earlier this week — as a set up to pardon Roger Stone, again I think that has to be viewed as a rebuke of his own Justice Department. Basically saying, ‘You guys never should have prosecuted this guy and I’m going to fix it.'”

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