Dan Abrams Says Cohen’s ABC Interview Sends ‘Clear Signal’ to Trump: ‘We’re No Longer in This Together’


According to ABC Chief Legal Analyst and Mediaite founder Dan Abrams, the interview former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen gave to George Stephanopoulos signals that he is no longer Trump’s man.

“This is striking,” Abrams said of the interview on Good Morning America. “You don’t do this interview and say these things unless you’re looking for a possible deal with the Southern District of New York.”

“Remember, this is not the same office as [special counsel] Robert Mueller,” he continued. “Robert Mueller sent this case to the Southern District of New York, so in theory this is an office that reports to [President] Donald Trump.”

Abrams went on to say what an “amazing statement” it was for Cohen to say that the FBI agents were kind to him when they raided his office and took thousands of his documents.

“Prosecutors typically will say if they’re charging someone,” Abrams explained. “But he hasn’t been charged yet… So we’re now in this purgatory where he hasn’t been charged and yet it sure sounds like he’s saying, ‘but I’ve got information for you if you are going to charge me.'”

“Remember, he is not just Donald Trump’s attorney,” he added. “He is also Donald Trump’s longtime business partner. And in matters where he was not serving as his attorney, the attorney-client privilege would not apply.”

Stephanopoulos remarked on the significance of Cohen breaking the defense pact he had with Trump’s attorneys, a big move and one which Abrams explained “sends a clear signal” that Cohen and Trump are “no longer in this together.”

“This now says I am to longer part of Donald Trump’s team when it comes to this defense because up to this point they’re sharing information, they’re sharing documents and that’s now going to end,” he said.

Watch above, via ABC News.

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