Reporter Doubles Down on Manchin Possibly Leaving Democrats After Senator Calls ‘Bullsh*t’: ‘He Said It’s B-U-L-L. It’s Actually T-R-U-E.’


On Wednesday, David Corn of Mother Jones doubled down on his report stating Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) has been speaking with associates about possibly leaving the Democratic Party.

Manchin is reportedly unhappy with the size of the social infrastructure bill currently being negotiated in the Senate. He wants the price tag lowered to $1.75 trillion, but if Democrats don’t agree, “he would declare himself an ‘American Independent,'” said the report.

When reached for comment, Manchin said, “I can’t control rumors, and it’s bullshit. Bullshit spelled with a B-U-L-L, capital B!”

Appearing on the ReidOut later in the evening Corn stood by his reporting. Host Joy Reid asked him what a Manchin defection from the Democratic Party would look like.

“The first step is that he would send a letter to Chuck Schumer, the Democratic Senate leader and remove himself or resign from a Democratic leadership post,” said Corn. “People don’t know these things, but he’s Vice Chairman of the Democratic Senate Committee on Policy and Communications… He then would wait a week to see if that had any impact, presumably help him win whatever he’s trying to get out of the negotiations. And then after that, he would change his registration from Democrat to independent and he would call himself an American independent.”

Corn noted that Manchin would not be joining a new party, but said the big question would be “whether he would caucus with the Democrats or the Republicans.”

He said Manchin would presumably caucus with the Democrats, just as senators Angus King (I-ME) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT) do.

Corn said his sourcing “impeccable” and that Manchin “knows it.”

“Sourcing is impeccable and he knows it. He knows what we know.”

Reid played a clip of Manchin reacting to the story and calling it “Bullshit spelled with a B-U-L-L, capital B.”

“He has now said it’s B-U-L-L,” Corn replied. “It’s actually T-R-U-E.”

Corn added, “So he’s been outed.”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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