Dem Congressman Fires Back at Kellyanne Conway: ‘Every Single One of Her Assertions Was Inaccurate’


Congressman Jim Himes (D- CT) appeared on Face the Nation this morning right after White House counselor Kellyanne Conway and immediately fired back at what she said about the impeachment hearings.

Conway said it’s not certain there will be a Senate trial, citing “hand-wringing” from Democrats after the past two weeks of impeachment hearings and saying “they didn’t hear anybody say” there was bribery or extortion.

“The closest they got to it was Sondland, in his prepared remarks, saying that there was a quid pro quo for a meeting,” Conway said. “They had the meeting on September 22nd in New York.”

Himes this morning started out with Margaret Brennan by saying, “I was keeping pretty close track, and I’m pretty sure that every single one of her assertions was inaccurate.”

“She said, hey, nothing happened here, the aid was released and the meeting happened,” he responded. “You can look this up, because I understand the White House is all about making facts slippery, but both of those things happened. The aid was released and the meeting happened, not in the Oval Office, but the aid was released and the meeting happened after they were caught, after September 9th when the inspector general of the intelligence community came to Congress and said there’s this whistleblower complaint.”

He added that Conway’s “also wrong” about her claims about the Democrats, saying, “I haven’t spoken to all 240 or so of my colleagues, but I don’t think any Democrat in the Congress looked at what handed over the last two weeks and said, ‘Gosh, there’s nothing there.’ Much to the contrary, like the American public that was paying attention, my colleagues saw an ambassador fired for corrupt purposes, saw aid being held up, and by the way, Kellyanne Conway may quibble about what Sondland said, the Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney, said there was a quid quo pro and we should get over it. So there is not a Democrat who watched the last two weeks and said, ‘Gosh, this is a weaker case than I thought it was.'”

You can watch Himes’ remarks above, and Conway’s below, via CBS.

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