Dem Rep.: AG Bill Barr Needs to Explain His ‘Very Quick If Not Rash Decision’ on Obstruction


Congressman Gerry Connolly (D- VA) said on MSNBC this afternoon Congress needs to hear from Attorney General Bill Barr so he can explain his “rash decision” to clear President Donald Trump on obstruction despite Robert Mueller not reaching a conclusion on the subject.

Chuck Todd said to Connolly, “Do you worry that essentially Mueller went right by the book and he had a very narrow view of where he could go, and Bill Barr, who wrote that memo for all of us to see, had a very expansive view of how much power he had over this and he took it? Mueller went narrow and Barr went maximum and you guys got checked.”

Connolly said one interpretation of what’s going on is that Barr, “\working hand and glove with the White House, is gaming the system to frame the narrative.”

He pointed to Todd’s own framing to say that the White House is effective in getting their position out there, saying they are “cynically using” this for their benefit with Barr’s help.

When Connolly said the Barr summary leaves many unanswered questions, Todd asked, “Who do you want to testify first, Barr or Mueller?”

“Right now I think the attorney general,” Connolly responded. “Because he’s got some explaining to do. He made what seems to be a very quick if not rash decision to go on the side of ‘there was no crime committed’ in terms of obstruction of justice, even though Mueller gave him the alternative of ‘I can’t exonerate him from a crime.’ We want to know all about what was that.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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