Dem Rep. Denny Heck: ‘This is the Beginning of the End for the Trump Administration’


Speaking to Erin Burnett on Wednesday, Democratic Congressman and House Intel Committee Member Denny Heck warned the “walls are closing in” on the Trump administration.

“In light of what happened today, in light of all the events of the last couple weeks and all the sentencing memos that have been filed, 36 indictments, 3 prison terms and the like, I’m prepared to say something I’ve never said,” Heck told the CNN host. “The writing’s on the wall. The walls are closing in. And this is the beginning of the end for the Trump Administration.”

Burnett then pressed, “When you say ‘beginning of the end’, that means impeachment? It means he’s gone before the end of the term?”

Heck replied that he doesn’t know precisely what it means but it doesn’t look good for Trump.

“I don’t know precisely what it means except what I intend for it to mean is this, that the Mueller investigation is getting closer and closer,” the Congressman explained. “They now have the president as an unindicted co-conspirator for campaign finance laws, breaking campaign finance laws, but we also know that they’re going down two other tracks. They’re going down, of course, the Russian interference track, which was their core mission.”

He added: “We already know that there was collusion, collusion is different than conspiracy and coordination. That remains to be seen based on Robert Mueller’s final work product. They’re also exploring as we full well know obstruction of justice activity on the part of either the president or people on his behalf. I don’t think that Bob Mueller’s going to be deterred here, Erin.”

During an earlier interview on Burnett’s show former National Enquirer Los Angeles Bureau Chief Jerry George also predicted it was the “beginning of the end” for Trump.

Watch above, via CNN.

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