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Dem Rep. Jackie Speier Believes Public Will See Impeachment Inquiry Transcripts Within a Week

Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier told CBS News she thinks transcripts in the impeachment inquiry should be released to the public within a week.

The California congresswoman was speaking with anchor Margaret Brennan on Face the Nation Sunday when she made the prediction.

“There are just eight working days left before the Thanksgiving break. Congresswoman, when will these public hearings actually begin?” Brennan asked about the public phase of the inquiry into President Donald Trump.

“We have one more week of interviews that will take place and then I’m pretty confident we’re going the move into a public hearing setting,” Speier said. “in which the House Intelligence Committee along with the Foreign Affairs Committee and the Oversight Committee will start to place in the public’s hands the information.

“I also think the transcripts are going to start to be released next week, and that’s going to give the American people an eye on exactly what we have heard, and what we have heard is growing evidence of grounds for impeachment,” she continued.

“Next week do we start to see the public hearings?” Brennan asked in a follow-up.

“I think the following week is likely to be when we will start having hearings,” Speier responded. “Of course, once our work is completed–the investigation–then it will move to the Judiciary Committee.”

Watch above, via CBS News.

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