Diamond & Silk: LeBron, NFL Players Are Teaching ‘Our Young Black Men How to Be Cowards’

Pro-Donald Trump personalities Diamond & Silk blasted LeBron James and NFL players who protest during the national anthem by suggesting they are “cowards” who do not use their platforms responsibly.

The pair, whose real names are Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, made the attack while discussing how reality TV star Kim Kardashian used her power of celebrity to lobby Trump into pardoning a black woman convictions of drug offenses.

“Look at the fact that Kim Kardashian, she put aside her personal differences and went to the table,” Silk said. “You know, imagine just for one moment, imagine if LeBron James would stop shooting off at his mouth and did the same thing.”

She continued: “Just simply imagine if the NFL players would stop kneeling at the flag and do the same thing. LeBron James and a lot of these others are teaching men, especially our young black men, how to be cowards.”

James (who, despite their claim that he is a bad role model, is one of the most successful athletes on the planet, donates millions of his own dollars to help young people, and has never been accused of domestic violence or sexual harassment as many other star athletes have) is far from the only black celebrity Diamond & Silk have attacked in their pro-Trump crusade from the annals of YouTube to the airwaves of Fox News. The two have also slammed film creator Spike Lee for being the “gatekeeper of the Democrat plantation” and ABC News legal analyst Sunny Hostin for her anti-Trump comments, amongst many others.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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