Don Lemon: For Trump to Not Know Right-Wing Extremism Is On the Rise Is ‘Very Ignorant’

CNN’s Don Lemon is not buying any excuse for President Donald Trump‘s remark — just one day after the New Zealand terrorist attack —  minimizing white nationalism and insisting white nationalists were just a “small group of people.”

In fact, according to Lemon, it boils down to one thing: Trump not knowing white nationalism is on the rise is just plain “ignorant.”

Lemon’s remarks came during a conversation with Chris Cuomo.

Cuomo had just suggested that there are two schools of thought when it comes to why Trump said that. The first was “to marginalize” the white supremacists and the second was he said that because he thinks it is “bad for him” if white supremacy is a real problem.

Lemon, though, had other ideas.

“I think number one, I don’t think he reads his research,” Lemon began. “Maybe he doesn’t know but maybe he doesn’t know the specifics but for him to not be able to know that right-wing extremism is on the rise is very ignorant.”

He then added that he does think Trump supports whatever works for him politically.

“He knows that he says he is not racist but the racists think he’s racists and they support him and he doesn’t want to lose that support, ” Lemon further explained. “He cannot win an election with just his base next time and they are a big — they’re a very vocal and active part of his base. I won’t say a big part. But a very vocal and active part of his base and he knows that. ”

Watch above, via CNN.

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