Don Jr. Gives Interview to Outlet Known For Anti-Semitic Conspiracies That Said Trump is ‘Owned by the Jews’


A fringe right-wing evangelical network dedicated to tracking the end of the world landed an in-person interview with first-son Donald Trump Jr last night.

The interview was conducted at President Donald Trump‘s rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where the TruNews correspondent Kerry Kinsey interviewed Donald Jr. about the conclusion of the Mueller probe.

While the end times network describes its coverage as “reporting the countdown to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ,” it’s essentially a more radical version of InfoWars. Hosts on the network warn viewers about end of world scenarios triggered by Jews, “lesbian/gay Nazis,” and secret government death squads.

The conspiracy network used their time with Donald Jr. for some shameless self-promotion to the president: “Will you tell your dad that TruNews loves your dad and we always give him a fair shake?”

“I’ll do that, guys,” Donald Jr. replied. “Thank you so much.”

The Trump Organization executive vice president also lambasted the establishment press while speaking with the TruNews:

“[The Mueller investigation] should never happen again, it’s the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people, and it was done by… 93 percent of the mainstream media. The media has done irreparable damage to themselves and their reputation.”

He continued by praising his father for being “the business guy who left a billionaire lifestyle to do this for the American people,” as opposed to the “swamp creatures” running on the Democratic ticket in 2020.

As for TruNews, it is run fringe evangelical activist Rick Wiles who has called Barack Obama “a devil from hell” and accused the former president of “spiritually sodomiz[ing]” America, according to Right-Wing Watch, who first reported on Donald Jr’s interview. After Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston, Wiles said the disaster was penance for the city’s “sexual perversion”; he also claimed the Las Vegas massacre was carried out by a global cabal made up of “gay/lesbian Nazi[s]” and believes mass shootings are false flag attacks used for gun control.

Wiles even deployed anti-semitic conspiracies against Trump after his administration joined “a global campaign to end the criminalization of homosexuality in dozens of nations where it’s still illegal to be gay.”

“Donald Trump is owned by the Jews,” Wiles said of the issue. “That’s the truth.”

UPDATE: A spox for Don Jr. provided the following statement in response to the appearance:

“This was not a pre-planned interview and Don had never heard of TruNews or had any awareness of their views until this very moment. Don was scheduled for an interview with Hannity on Fox News and while he was waiting in the press area for that interview to begin, various reporters nearby began asking him questions and so he ended up doing interviews with several outlets who were in the vicinity. Unfortunately, he did not have an opportunity to run a full FBI background check on each and every one.”

Watch above, via YouTube.

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