Don Jr. TORCHES Democrats, Says They ‘Are Going Out and Making Heroes of Pedophiles’


Donald Trump Jr. appeared on Wednesday’s edition of Hannity and claimed that the Democratic Party is lionizing pedophiles. He cited the case of Joseph Rosenbaum, a convicted child molester who was fatally shot to death by Kyle Rittenhouse amid civil unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin last year.

Rittenhouse was found not guilty of murdering two people after his lawyers argued he acted in self-defense. Views on the case often depended on one’s political leanings. Rosenbaum was indicted on 11 counts of child molestation in Arizona in 2002. He ended up pleading guilty to two counts and spent about 15 years in prison. Of course, Rittenhouse had no way of knowing this at the time he shot him.

Taking few breaths, Trump rambled and rattled off a litany of grievances with Democrats that ran the gamut from foreign policy to energy to Hunter Biden and everything in between including the alleged worship of pedophiles:

You have the Afghanistan withdrawal. I don’t know we’ve seen a worse incident in our country in the last century where we’re abandoning Americans, behind enemy lines, giving said enemy lists of people and biometric data that they can track them down. You have, killing American pipelines while giving Russia that, as my father’s administration did a great job blocking it. So then we can give NATO more money to protect them from the Russians that they’re enriching with the pipelines, you know? Hunter must be on the payroll somewhere, Sean.

It never ends. The incompetence doesn’t end. The Democrats are going out and making heroes of pedophiles. You saw this during this Rittenhouse trial. Joseph Rosenbaum, a five-time convicted [sic] child rapist. Boys as young as nine that he raped, he can go around with a gun rioting in Kenosha [sic], no problem.

(Rosenbaum was not in fact armed with a gun when he was shot.)

Trump added, “The Democrat party has fallen so far.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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