Dorner Dead? Conflicting Reports About Death of Alleged ‘Cop Killer’

There are now conflicting reports about the death of ex-LAPD officer Chris Dorner. Dorner was previously reported to be found dead inside a Big Bear Mountain cabin he broke into, but the LAPD is cautioning that no body has yet to be found.

Police stormed into the cabin armed with tear gas and a megaphone calling on Dorner to surrender. Receiving no response, police rammed a vehicle into the cabin, demolishing the walls “one by one, like peeling an onion,”  a law enforcement official said.

Once the last wall caved, police heard a single gun shot followed by an inferno of flames. In the process, Dorner shot at two San Bernardino officers, killing one.

His death would end a weeklong manhunt of the former LAPD officer who released a deranged manifesto online against the police department followed by him murdering a chief police officer’s daughter and fianceé.

Editor’s Note: This post previously reported that Los Angeles news outlets had claimed a body had been recovered from the burnt-down cabin. However, the LAPD asserts that no body has yet to be found and the house is still too hot to enter. We have updated to reflect this development.

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