Rep. Doug Collins Shouts Down Democratic Counsel: ‘Joe Biden’s a Terrible Candidate!’


House Judiciary Ranking Republican Doug Collins berated Democratic House Intelligence Committee investigator Daniel Goldman multiple times on Monday during the Judiciary’s latest hearing on the Donald Trump impeachment push.

The flare-up began when Collins asked Goldman about how former Vice President Joe Biden recounted years ago about calling for Ukraine to fire top prosecutor Viktor Shokin. As Goldman tried to insert context about Shokin’s alleged corruption as prosecutor general, Collins cut him off and said “either Joe Biden’s a liar telling a story to make people impressed, or he actually did this. Which is it?”

“He did it pursuant to U.S. official policy,” Goldman answered.

From there, Collins proclaimed that “Joe Biden … is the only one who’s done a quid pro quo,” as he railed over the allegations against Trump.

“Joe Biden’s a terrible candidate! He can destroy himself on the campaign trail, but he can’t get by this,” Collins continued.

The Georgia congressman then asked Goldman to reveal how many subpoenas Democrats sent to phone companies, and who made the call to release the phone records included in the House Intelligence Committee’s report on the Ukraine scandal.

As Goldman answered that the subpoenas were directed to the subjects of the impeachment investigation, Collins barraged him with questions about how Congressional investigators were able to sort through the phone records to make their discoveries about Congressman Devin Nunes. Collins repeatedly cut off Goldman as the latter tried to answer questions about this and who authorized it, and when Goldman eventually said he would not reveal how the investigation was conducted, Collins accused him of not answering the questions and told him “I’m done with you for right now, we’re done!”

Watch above, via CNN.

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