Eric Bolling Films Confrontation With Man Who Smeared His Late Son


BlazeTV host Eric Bolling released online Thursday video of a confrontation with a despicable person who made a vile comment about the death of Bolling’s son as he walked through the Trump Hotel lobby. Bolling followed the man, filming, and shared the video — as well as his own commentary — on his show and on social media.

The video, above, begins with the absolutely heart-wrenching description of the day the Bolling family received the awful news about the accidental death of their son, who was at college, from an opioid-laced pill. It is a tragic and painful story, but important to the context. It’s to be watched, not transcribed.

After describing the circumstances, Bolling explains what happened Wednesday night in D.C. An unidentified man saw Bolling sitting with friends in the lobby of the Trump hotel, and as he passed by said “Eric Bolling’s son killed himself because he was embarrassed by his dad.”

This is not the first instance of that accusation in relation to the death of Bolling’s son. The rumor of suicide went around on the night the news broke, with some vile people on the left saying it was of embarrassment, and some equally vile people on the right saying that he killed himself over Bolling being smeared by the media in the wake of leaving Fox News. Each of those disturbing takes were wrong on both the facts and in a moral sense.

In the clip above, Bolling owns the fact that he reacted strongly the way a father would, and that he used “some bad words” and “shouted at him.”

“But no, I do not apologize,” he said. If anything, the video of the incident shows a control many of us would not have mustered in similar circumstances.

After the video of the incident, Bolling addresses the viewers again, asking what we’ve come to in this country if that kind of evil is is unleashed over politics.

“We’re all human beings here,” he said. “And some things are just off-limits.”

He also pointed out that the opioid crisis crosses party and demographic lines and should be reason to come together, not move further apart.

“The drug problem is universal, it should bring us together, not be used as a tool of hate to the vulnerable,” he said.

It was an unimaginably cruel thing for a person to do, to say, but if you’re surprised by it, you may not be paying as close attention to the state of discourse as you think.

Watch the clip above, from of BlazeTV.

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