Lou Dobbs Doubles Down: McCain Fair Game, Trump Attack Not an ‘Exhumation of His Body, For God Sake!’


Lou Dobbs is doubling down on his defense of President Donald Trump‘s attacks against John McCain.

Addressing the stir his remarks made on Wednesday (including a reference to a post we published Wednesday evening), the Fox Business host said Thursday that he stands behind his comments.

The Daily Caller said ‘Lou Dobbs defends Trump against GOP critics over McCain comments,'” Dobbs said. “I do, I did, and I will. As I said, the president is speaking out about what he sees as betrayal by Senator McCain when he voted against the repeal of Obamacare.”

New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin, appearing with Dobbs, agreed with the substance of the host’s complaints, but took some issue with the president speaking “ill of the dead.” Dobbs disagreed.

“You talk about John McCain being dead — I don’t think that that in any way…it is not an exhumation of his body for God sake! It is a review of his record as a politician. Not as a war hero 35 years ago, 40 years ago. It is an honest assessment of who he was and what he did. And what he did is as clear as a bell.

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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