Erick Erickson’s Appearance on NBC to Talk Right Wing Conspiracies Draws Outrage: This is ‘Really Appallingly Bad’


On Sunday, Erick Erickson appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press to talk right wing conspiracies.

“If you’re a conservative who’s at war with the truth, you’re not really a conservative,” Erickson — who has repeatedly pushed conspiracy theories — said, in his attempt to speak to conservatives now that more is known about the mail bomb suspect, Cesar Sayov.

Erickson’s words sparked outrage on social media because Erickson is a conservative conspiracy theory generating machine, recently pushing a conspiracy about the migrant caravan (an issue that factored into the Pittsburgh shooter’s outrage) and linking the Christine Blasey Ford allegation to killing babies. Back in 2017, Erickson even claimed mass shootings in America are “rare.”

Yet somehow, his remark drew little pushback from host Chuck Todd.

On social media, however, many quickly noted that the conspiracy theorist probably should not even have been allowed on the air, let alone to say such things or in the words of Parker Molloy, “WTF is wrong with you, Meet the Press?”

Erickson, however, seems unfazed by the controversy and in fact employed some conservative keywords in his own tweet brushing the incident off and making it pretty clear he hasn’t changed a bit.

Watch Erickson’s appearance above, via NBC

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