Fox News Guest Shuts Down Spin on Mueller Report: ‘You Saying it on Fox Doesn’t Make it So’

Former Hillary Clinton adviser Philippe Reines slammed pro-Trump The Federalist writer Mollie Hemingway for her extended victory lap over the as-yet-unreleased Mueller report, telling her “You saying it on Fox doesn’t make it so!”

On Sunday morning’s edition of Fox News’ MediaBuzz, host Howard Kurtz led his panel in a discussion of the media’s coverage of Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s Russia investigation. Hemingway criticized the media for “leaning into” what she called a “deranged conspiracy theory.”

But Reines pointed out that no one has any idea what the Mueller report says at this point, and that Hemingway “first is criticizing conspiracy theories, and then immediately creates a new conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton is financing, and there is a cabal of people, behind everything that happened. The people behind what happened is Donald Trump.”

Kurtz went on to ask Hemingway what life had been like as someone who consistently defended Trump regarding the Russia investigation.

“It’s almost difficult to describe what it was like to be a skeptic, particularly early on in January 2017 when this hysteria got going,” Hemingway said, then praised others whom she said “took a lot of courage” to “speak against it in the face of hysteria.”

“It sounds like we are doing a 25th anniversary oral history of what this time period was like,” Reines said. “Tomorrow, you could be talking about a narrative of hundreds of pages of the report saying ‘xyz,’ and no matter what the report says, you will say the exact same thing, you won’t give an inch that anything happened here.”

“I think it’s important to understand, Philippe, it’s over,” Hemingway replied.

“You saying it on fox doesn’t make it so,” Reines said. “He’s under investigation by 17 other entities, including the Southern District of New York.”

Hemingway dismissed those other investigations because “we weren’t fed a theory” about them, and that “We were told he was a traitor who colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election.”

No portion of the Mueller report has been released as of this writing.

Watch the clip above from Fox News.

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