Ex-Trump Adviser Squirms When Asked About POTUS’ Lies: ‘How Are We Supposed to Believe Anything’ He Says?


During J.D. Gordon‘s extensive interview with Al Jazeera’s Mehdi Hasan, the former Trump campaign adviser was raked across the coals as he tried to defend the president’s habit of saying things that are demonstrably untrue.

After Gordan offered a cringe-inducing denial of Trump’s racism, Mehdi Hasan confronted him with the stats of Trump’s frequency for lying.

“How are we supposed to believe anything he says about anything?” Hasan asked.

Gordon literally answered by saying Trump was elected because “the American people don’t care.” Hasan responded to that one with “that’s the best defense of Donald Trump’s lies I’ve ever heard, ‘people don’t care.'”

As the two butted heads about how Trump has been lying for decades, Hasan returned to his original question of how anyone can take the president seriously when everyone knows he’s a liar. Gordon answered that “he’s the President of the United States,” so Hasan reminded him once again that he didn’t address the core of his question.

Hasan eventually switched gears by asking Republicans Overseas president Marc Porter why Trump is “not a liar and a racist.” Porter accused Hasan of cherry-picking his talking points, so Hasan countered that lots of people are convinced of Trump’s racism.

“That is absolutely not true!” Porter responded.

When Hasan brought up conservative figures who called Trump a liar in the past, the conversation turned into a question of “does Donald Trump lie just like every other politicians lie?”

Watch above, via Al Jazeera.

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