Ex-Trump Adviser Grilled on President’s ‘Racism’ in Trainwreck Interview: ‘He Does Like Foreigners’


In an upcoming episode of Al Jazeera’s Head to Head, host Mehdi Hasan grilled former Trump campaign adviser J. D. Gordon about the president’s past racist comments — a question that Gordon only responded to with classic cringe-inducing, “he has non-white friends” style answers.

“Isn’t it another problem with working on foreign policy with a man like Donald Trump is that he doesn’t like foreigners?” Hasan asked. “He’s kind of racist.”

Hasan went on to admit that Trump actually does like some foreigners — “white foreigners” — after Gordon noted that “Melania [Trump] is from Slovenia” and Vladimir Putin is Russian.

The host then listed many of Trump’s past racist remarks:

“When he compares Syrian refugees to snakes, says everyone from Haiti has AIDS, calls African countries ‘s-hole countries,’ accuses Mexico of sending over rapists and drug dealers, calls immigrants invaders who are infesting the United States, blames terrorist attacks on the Muslim mayor of London, retweets white nationalists, praises neo-Nazis as ‘very fine people,’ singles out black athletes for abuse, attacks a Hispanic judge as Mexican — none of that’s racist?”

“Well, I would tell you that he did the sword dance as you said with the Saudi leadership — Saudi king, right?” Responded Gordon — a comment that earned him some laughs from the crowd. “He also said nice things about Kim Jong Un just now, so how could he be racist against foreigners who are not white.”

He went on to say that “I don’t think [Trump] is a racist whatsoever,” but added that he would not personally say the comments from the president that Hasan listed, as he “probably shouldn’t make” those remarks. Though, he would not admit why he wouldn’t say what Trump has said about people of color — Gordon, instead, just awkwardly chuckled as the grilling continued.

Watch above, via Al Jazeera.

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