Florida Teacher Who Lost Students Emotionally Calls Out Media: Will Treat Tragedy as ‘Passing Memory’

After a passionate plea for America to somehow address the plague of school shootings, Fox News’ Shepard Smith conducted an interview with a teacher who was actually present during the massacre, one who lost two students to alleged shooter Nikolas Cruz.

Alicia Blonde, who used to teach suspect Cruz, described her two dead students in heartbreaking detail, barely able to contain her grief.

Afterwards, she told the anchor that it is only a matter of time before the media moves on to the next thing, taking political will for instituting gun control measures with them.

“With all due respect to your station, you guys will be here today, tomorrow and maybe next week, but by the following week it will start tapering off and you won’t be here anymore, and it will be a passing memory, just like Columbine is a passing memory,” she said. “Sandy Hook is a passing memory. The Vegas shooting is a passing memory, and everybody goes about their life and nothing gets done.”

She also addressed President Donald Trump specifically, telling Smith she is not looking forward to him visiting the city of Parkland.

“To be quite honest, I don’t really care that the president visits. Because the president is one that believes that we should have the right to bear arms. Okay? That it’s okay for somebody to have a weapon that could kill 40 or 50 people in a matter of seconds. So, I don’t agree with my president, with all due respect. He’s my president. He was elected by the people but I disagree with my president,” she said.

“I tell you right here, right now, that as a teacher and that as a citizen of this country, I will do everything I can to change these laws.”

As for Cruz, the teacher recently appeared on MSNBC and described her interactions with the shooting suspect, saying she remembered him being a “very quiet student.”

Blonde also took the time to commend her students for their bravery in the face of such senseless violence.

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