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Fmr Deputy AG Who Called for Barr to Resign: ‘Not Very Much’ Difference Between Trump Right Now and a King

Former Deputy Attorney General under George H.W. Bush, Daniel Ayer, joined MSNBC’s program All In With Chris Hayes with guest host Joy Reid to blast Attorney General William Barr over his unquestioned loyalty to President Donald Trump comparing Barr to aiding a “king.”

Ayer previously worked with Barr at the Department of Justice.

In an op-ed Monday in The Atlantic titled, Bill Barr must resign, Ayer basted Barr billing the current A.G as “he does not believe in the central tenet of our system of government—that no person is above the law.”

“Bill Barr’s America is not a place that anyone, including Trump voters, should want to go. It is a banana republic where all are subject to the whims of a dictatorial president and his henchmen,” wrote Ayer.

In a segment on MSNBC Monday night Ayer didn’t hold back in taking aim at the duo who appear to be on the same page taking cues from the other.

Reid began by underlining the fact that Barr believes he’s Trump’s personal attorney, billing him as a “sort of the hand of the king.”

“I told you during the break I read your letter, it frightened me, but I’m glad you wrote it. The thing you presume about an Attorney General of the United States is they understand their job is to be the attorney of the people. It has been very clear from the very beginning that Mr. Barr believes he’s Donald Trump’s personal, sort of the hand of the king. You called what he has tried to do un-American,” the MSNBC host floated.

“Right,” Ayer stated, before continuing.

“Well, I do. I think the one thing that I think we can all agree on and I think certainly people in this generation since Watergate when our justice system really was reformed in some pretty significant ways have taken for granted the idea that you can count on the system of justice and it’s going to be fair, and it’s going to be impartial, and it’s not going to be politically influenced. And the reality is — and we know this from all the things you’ve mentioned and some other things he’s done. We also know it from things he’s said in great detail.”

“He doesn’t believe the president should have to play by the same rules as everybody else,” Ayer stated.

Reid then asked of Ayer what the differences are between Trump’s cues towards Barr to take action, comparing Trump to that of a king.

“What you are describing and his speech he gave to The Heritage Foundation describes someone who is essentially a monarchist. What would be the difference between Donald Trump and essentially the leader of a Banana Republic if he can prosecute all the president’s enemies if he can undo the investigation into the Russia gate by saying I’ll just put people in jail for trying to find out if Russia was helping him, and if he can let Donald Trump’s friends off the hook. What’s the difference between that and a king?”

Ayer then fired back, stating that there is “not very much” between Trump and a king while adding that he is becoming royalty like slowly but surely.

“There may not be very much. I think the important thing to realize and why he’s making so much progress is he’s doing it piecemeal. And so you’re seeing a drip, drip, drip. You’re seeing an event that occurs, and it seems odd. You know, when he did the whitewashing of the Mueller report, a lot of people said, gee, that doesn’t seem right. But it was just the one thing. Then we got the report and looked at it. A lot of people said hey, you know, there is a lot of evidence of obstruction. Gee, that’s a shame. Mueller had written a letter about it saying that wasn’t quite accurate. And you wait awhile. Then the next thing comes along, and it’s a series of things, and they’re not all the same. So a lot of the things his Justice Department has done have been in the nature of office of legal counsel opinions that are justifying stonewalling, Capitol Hill, stonewalling traditional requests for witnesses to appear, request for documents to be provided, sort of an ironclad refusal to do it across the board and writing legal opinions to justify it. You know, refusing to turn over the president’s tax returns, even though there’s a statute saying the Congress be has a right to have them,” Ayer continued.

“If you don’t focus on the whole picture, he’s not standing out and giving a speech saying; I want a king. He’s actually just implementing a step at a time,” Ayer concluded.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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