Fmr Trump Advisor Spars With Cuomo Over Papadopoulos Plea Deal: ‘He Was the Coffee Boy!’

Chris Cuomo battled with for Trump campaign advisor Michael Caputo today as he got his reaction to the big indictment news regarding three of President Trump‘s old staff members.

When the CNN host asked Caputo for what he knew about George Papadopoulos, the Republican media consultant described him as a “coffee boy” who no one ever heard of until his name started reverberating in the political press. This comes after several pro-Trump figures defended the president on Monday by minimizing the importance of Papadopoulos’ presence as a volunteer for the president’s campaign.

Cuomo challenged this narrative by noting Papadopoulos’ meetings with Trump as well as his discussions with senior campaign staff regarding his connections with the Russian government.

“That is not what you do when a coffee boy asks you to do something,” Cuomo said. “I get the spin, but the reality is that [Paul] Manafort took it more seriously than you do.”

Caputo argued that the indictments against Papadopoulos, Manafort and Rick Gates suggest that the Trump campaign tried to rebuff junior-level staffers who wanted to set up a connection with the Russians. Cuomo pushed back by asking why the campaign didn’t call for an inquiry into Papadopoulos, and why would Mueller bother investigating Papadopoulos if his position in the campaign was so insignificant.

The two of them proceeded to lock horns as Captuo said it “defies credulity” to think that a “volunteer coffee boy” could have a place at the top of the Trump campaign. As Cuomo brought up Papadoupolous’ guilt plea and his interactions with Manafort and Sam Clovis, Cavuto eventually deflected by bringing up Hillary Clinton and her campaign’s connection to the Fusion GPS dossier.

Watch above, via CNN.

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