Former Ambassador Under Bush: ‘Embarrassing’ to Watch Trump’s ‘Brutal, Political Tirade’ in the UK

Former U.S. ambassador Nicholas Burns was not impressed on Tuesday as he reacted to President Donald Trump‘s conduct throughout his state visit to the United Kingdom.

Burns said the U.S.-U.K. special relationship “is in some trouble” as he dissected the drama and controversy leading up to Trump’s press conference with outgoing prime minister Theresa May. As he argued that both countries are dealing with existential crises, Burns eventually shifted gears to say Trump is failing in his trip because “we expect our president…to represent all Americans with dignity with grace, and the president hasn’t done that.”

“You criticize the Mayor of London. You criticize the Opposition Leader and you frankly don’t represent the truth about what’s happening on the streets of London,” Burns said. “Frankly, its embarrassing to see the American president call out people in this savage, brutal political tirade of criticizing opposition leaders in another allied country. It just makes life difficult for his hosts.”

Burns concluded by wondering how Trump would like it if a foreign leader came to Washington and started chastising local politics.

“We wouldn’t like it one bit,” said Burns, “which is why presidents shouldn’t do this.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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