comScore Mike Rogers: Trump-Gordon Sondland Call Likely Intercepted

Former House Intel Chair Argues Gordon Sondland’s Phone Call with Trump was Likely Intercepted

Former House Intel Chair Mike Rogers told CNN that it’s likely that President Donald Trump’s reported phone call with Amb. Gordon Sondland was intercepted by foreign agents.

“Ukraine has been penetrated for years and is thoroughly soaked in Russian intelligence officers and their agents sprinkled all across Ukraine. Any high profile person like Sondland who were traveling through who was using his personal cell phone, I mean, every red blinking light should go off with every security operation official saying, whoops, this was a bad idea,” Rogers told anchor Ana Cabrera on CNN Newsroom Sunday night.

“Not only are you talking to the president of the United States on your personal cell phone, but you’re also talking about another head of state in Ukraine. I mean, you can imagine the intelligence value of that phone call for those intelligence officers,” he continued.

“Why aren’t Republicans more alarmed and seeking to learn more about what transpired?” Cabrera asked.

Rogers said it’s likely because they’re caught up in the impeachment inquiry.

“I think things like this that I think are important probably get lost with all of the detail and all of the power of those hearings,” he said. “I hope when this settles down and they get back to the real work of the intelligence committee that these kinds of things would be addressed.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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