Former Ohio State Wrestler Responds to Jim Jordan’s Claim He’s ‘Bullying’ Congressman: ‘Somewhat Laughable’


Former Ohio State wrestler Mike DiSabato found it mildly ridiculous that Rep. Jim Jordan would think he was bullying him.

In an interview with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Wednesday, DiSabato explained that it was “somewhat laughable” that Jordan’s office would claim that DiSabato was bullying him into getting involved with a sexual assault investigation into The Ohio State University wrestling team doctor Richard Strauss.

“First of all, Jim Jordan is a world-caliber athlete who is very aggressive,” DiSabato explained. “He’s a bulldog. Let’s be honest. I think we saw a lot of that last week with [Deputy Attorney General] Mr. [Rod] Rosenstein.

“For him to say he was being bullied by Mike DiSabato’s somewhat laughable,” he continued. “I’ll take it because I’ve never bullied Jim Jordan on the mat. He was a heck a lot of better than me at the time.”

“Yet again, I think Jim is in a position where he doesn’t know what to say now because I think he received absolutely terrible advice from whomever was advising him because, again, all you have to do is research the word abuse.”

“I’m hearing a good friend of mine who I talked to on a regular basis who I consider a friend now backpedaling, not because we told him what to say… we hoped he would stay in front of this.”

Baldwin went on to explain that Jordan said he got correspondence from DiSabato as recently as 4:30 Wednesday morning. DiSabato confirmed this and said he had shown Jordan a screenshot from his cousin, which looked to reassign fault to DiSabato by showing a mugshot of him online.

“I don’t know why he’s taking shots at me other than the fact that his cousin Jim and his cousin Jeff are in the middle of a firestorm that we did not create.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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