Sexual Abuse

WATCH: Stunning Report Claims More Than 500 Former British Soccer Players Are Alleging Sexual Abuse

Penn State Trustee Says He’s About Had it With ‘So-Called Victims’ of Sandusky Abuse

Brie Larson Didn’t Seem Happy to Be Presenting Casey Affleck With His Oscar

Shocking New Report Reveals 368 Cases of Alleged Sexual Abuse Against Child Gymnasts Since 1996

New Accuser States Trump Groped Her; Asked ‘Don’t You Know Who I Am?’ When She Recoiled

Pence: Trump Will Present Evidence Against Sexual Harassment Allegations ‘Before the Day Is Out’

Undercovered: National Investigation Into Sexual Abuse in the Medical Profession

WATCH: Middle School Teacher Accused of Sexually Abusing 13-Year-Old Dodges Reporters

U.N. Peacekeepers Paying 50 Cents for Sex with 13-Year-Old Girls

Five Women Sue Christian Home School Where Josh Duggar Was Sent

Pope Francis Speaks Out on Child Sexual Abuse Scandal: ‘God Weeps’

Rachel Dolezal’s Brother Facing Charges for Sexual Assault

Former Aryan Leader Arrested on Charges of Sexually Assaulting a Minor

Female High School Teacher Resigns After Charged With Raping Female Student

On Morning Joe, Campbell Brown Explains Why ‘Teachers Unions Go To Bat For Sexual Predators’

Maria Menounos Reveals She’s Been Sexually Abused

MSNBC Contributor Jimmy Williams Reveals On The Air He Was Sexually Abused

Goldie Taylor Inspired To Share Her Own Story Of Sexual Abuse By Anger Over Penn St. Scandal

Jury Foreman Breaks His Silence Over Jury’s ‘Suspicions’ Of Casey Anthony’s Father

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