Fox Business Host Charles Payne Delivers Masterclass on How to Coddle a White House Official


Fox Business host Charles Payne had the golden opportunity to interview White House adviser Kellyanne Conway for 10 minutes today. It was amidst a rush of big news, namely, BuzzFeed’s reporting that President Donald Trump personally directed his former lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress. Unfortunately, he used the airtime to deliver a masterclass on coddling White House officials.

Payne briefly asked about the BuzzFeed story, at the end of the interview. But he failed to ask about the most important and damning implication of the report: Did Trump obstruct justice and commit a felony by directing Cohen to lie while testifying before Congress about his plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow?

Instead of addressing that question, Payne closed the segment by asking the senior Trump official if it will be “great” when Special Counsel Robert Mueller finally ends his investigation.

Like a PR firm waiting for a Friday afternoon, Panye begrudgingly asked about the story at the very end of his interview with Conway interview, despite the stunning report being the biggest news of the day.

“I have one other thing to I have to ask you about. We have this big news, the BuzzFeed report, it says Michael Cohen was personally instructed by President Trump to lie to Congress about that Trump Tower Moscow,” Payne said. “What’s your response to that?”

Remarkably, Conway refused to deny the reporting in her response, and instead directed the Fox Business host to Trump’s tweet accusing Cohen of “lying to reduce his jail time.”

“[Trump] actually quoted a colleague of yours at Fox, Kevin Corke, and Kevin Corke was characterizing Michael Cohen’s past testimony and also talking about some problems that he’s had testifying,” she said. “I’m going to leave it at that because I come here every day to work on policy.”

Payne did not follow up with the obvious point — as his Fox colleagues Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith did — that Conway was not denying the president suborned perjury, which would constitute felony obstruction of justice. Instead, Payne hyped up the idea that Cohen lied about the whole thing: “We know he has lied under oath in the past and that Michael Cohen is headed toward prison.”

“By the way, Democrats are demanding an investigation,” he added with a sigh, before opining to Conway: “You know, we’ve got so many of them, I think you would agree it will be great once this Mueller investigation is all wrapped up.”

Conway went on to assure the host and his Fox viewers that Trump has done no wrongdoing regarding Mueller’s investigation.

“We have said that and let me say it one more time for you and your viewers, Charles: We have complied with the Mueller investigation,” Conway said. “The president has called it a witch hunt, he’s said many times there’s been no collusion, he doesn’t know anything about collusion, he certainly didn’t collude.”

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