Fox & Friends Cries ‘Racist’ After Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Melania’s Accent in Easter Egg Roll Segment


Fox & Friends vented on Thursday morning against Jimmy Kimmel‘s recent show where he cracked jokes about Melania Trump.

Ainsley Earhardt had Rachel Campos-Duffy on to discuss the segment Kimmel did earlier this week on the White House Easter Egg Roll. Kimmel noted that President Donald Trump thanked his wife for setting up the event, though the comic joked that she probably didn’t do a whole lot because “the only thing she’s been working on is an escape tunnel.”

However, the thing that really got Earhardt and Campos-Duffy indignant was the moment when Kimmel impersonated the First Lady’s Slovenian accent while she read to children.

The hosts commented that that kind of mockery is a “dagger to the heart,” to immigrants who work on learning foreign languages, and argued more people ought to praise Mrs. Trump for being multilingual. Campos-Duffy especially grumbled that Hollywood hasn’t shown Melania the same respect and reverence they gave to Michelle Obama.

Eventually, Earhardt brought up the moment of Kimmel’s show when he joked that his Mexican-American sidekick, Guillermo Rodriguez, might also be First Lady someday.

“If he had done this to Michelle Obama,” Earhardt began, “wouldn’t everyone in the mainstream media have him on there if he were conservative, saying he is a racist?”

Campos-Duffy answered yes, saying liberals “have no use” for immigrants who can’t advance their agenda, and the president’s family should remain off limits.

Watch above, via Fox News and ABC.

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