Fox & Friends: Turkey Has to Feel Good About Broken Ceasefire Because They Got What They Wanted


Fox & Friends opened the Friday morning show by reporting on continued fighting in northern Syria despite a much-ballyhooed five-day ceasefire announced by Vice President Mike Pence Thursday afternoon in Ankara, Turkey.

Reporter Griff Jenkins made clear that — despite statements made after nine hours of negotiations with Turkish President Recep Erdogan — fighting between Turks and Kurdish forces has continued, violating the ceasefire announced.

Co-host Steve Doocy questioned Jenkins reporting, asking “we don’t know who is doing the shooting, right?”

Jenkins doubled down, however, saying “my source has been 500 meters from the Free Syrian Army forces. They are aligned with Turkey he has witnessed them attacking Syrian Kurds with whom he is with. I have been with these guys in 2016 in Mosul aligned with Kurds fighting with ISIS. I trust.” He then noted how this report is consistent with that of Fox News reporting, ostensibly referring to colleague Trey Yingst who is reporting from the region.

Co-host Brian Kilmeade put a finer point on the geopolitical implications saying “in a way, Turkey has to feel good about this. They get to stay in so-called safe zone. The sanctions don’t get there the Kurds get a chance to get out. The Turks get the buffer zone that they wanted. Am I missing something?”

Jenkins replied “that’s the very big concern right there that this cease-fire really doesn’t give us what we wanted, which is the fighting to stop. But yet Turkey gets what they want, and that is a continued assault to drive and pretty much kill Syrian Kurds. That’s what we tried to stop”

Watch above via Fox News.

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