Griff Jenkins

Fox & Friends Promotes ‘Buy American’ Then Quickly Hawks Products ‘Made in China’

Fox News Airs Dramatic Reenactment of Michael Brown Surveillance Video

Trump: Romney Needs To Be ‘Not So Politically Correct … Don’t Be Nice To President Obama’

Ron Paul’s Campaign Chairman Angrily Cuts Off Interview With CNN’s Dana Bash

Van Susteren Explains Why Anti-Fox Clip With Occupy Wall St. Protester Got Cut

Fox News’ Griff Jenkins Goes On The Hunt For Missing Wisconsin State Senators

Exclusive: Alan Grayson on Fox News, BP Oil Spill, and Democrats’ Midterm Prospects

Fox News Hosts Interview With Socialist Revolutionary High School Teacher

Jim Bunning Not the First to Use Congressional Elevators as Shield

White House’s Anita Dunn Shreds Fox News Again, Fox Responds

Sean Hannity Apologizes For ‘Inadvertent’ Use Of Crowd Footage

In Defense of Fox News’ Ambush Of “Congressman With Guts” Alan Grayson

Grass Roots or Astro-Turf? Video Shows Fox News Producer Rallying 9/12 Protesters

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