Fox Host Calls Out White House For Blaming Immigration Policy on Dems: ‘There is No Current Law’


Fox News’ Julie Banderas fought the fake news Wednesday.

In an interview with House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), Banderas pointed out that the White House was disseminating a lot of “false information.”

“The White House [is] saying that Democrats are to blame for an existing law that separates these families at the border,” she said. “The fact is there is no current law that actually mandates charges all border crossers criminally.”

“The federal law criminalizing improper entry by aliens, in fact, does not require that these families be separated,” she continued. “So there is no law that states you must separate a father and a mother with their child. Is that correct?”

“It is not correct in this respect. If they want to retain the children with the parents, they can only do so for a limited period of time based upon court decisions and a 1997 law,” Goodlatte replied. “So that needs to be changed and we change it in this legislation.” (So yeah, it’s correct.)

Banderas then asked Goodlatte if he supports the executive order President Donald Trump is expected to sign stopping children being separated from their families.

“I’m pleased that he wants to make sure that children can be with their parents,” Goodlatte responded. “But… it’s only a partial solution because very quickly they’re going to find that they have to go back to the old catch and release, which by the way plagued the Obama administration.”

“They had children separated from their parents back then,” he added. “It’s not a new situation.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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