Fox Host Ruthlessly Mocked for ‘Melodramatic’ Insane Monologue Warning of ‘Violence in the Streets’


Trish Regan faced online mockery after she delivered a very…theatrical monologue warning that America faces an “emotional civil war with violence that will spill into our streets.”

The Fox Business host used her Friday night show to bash the protesters who demonstrated against President Donald Trump’s rally on Thursday in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She lamented that anti-Trump anger “cannot be tamed,” railed against Democratic Party figures who “refuse to condemn hate,” and dismissed the House impeachment inquiry of Trump as “a coup to undo the vote of the American voters.”

“They are hoping to feed a narrative that make it okay to push violence and hate, just so long as it’s hate for the president and the president’s supporters,” Regan said. “This is the result, and it’s barbaric, sickening, and it’s dangerous.”

After going after several more prominent Democrats for their rhetoric against Trump, Regan dove into a wildly exaggerated speech about America being on the verge of a “catastrophic” breakdown.

There was a time in history when the U.S. was just as fractured. When people refused to see others as people, when politics got in the way of family, of decency and faith in our government. I’m talking about the 1850s. The result was the darkest moment in American history. The Civil War. And we’re near a civil war right now. I don’t mean a war in quite a literal, historic sense. I don’t believe there’s going to be armies and generals leading battles. I certainly hope not. But when you’re at a breaking point in terms of an emotional civil war with violence that will spill into our streets – it’s happening now, our leaders must take responsibility for this. They cannot permit this violence nor can they move forward to undo an election by refusing to follow constitutional and historic precedent. They’re shattering Americans’ faith in them and the result could be catastrophic.

Spoiler: Regan then turned to her guest, Steve Bannon, who she described as “one of the most brilliant political minds of modern times.” Bannon was thrown out of the White House and eventually cast out of Trumpworld completely last year for bashing members of the president’s family to a reporter. “He not only lost his job, he lost his mind,” Trump said of Bannon.

Regan’s monologue went viral on Twitter, where she was mocked:

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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