Fox News’ Chris Wallace Says Mueller Report ‘Damaging’ and ‘Politically Embarrassing’ For Trump


Fox News anchor Chris Wallace said that the newly-released Mueller report is “damaging” and “politically embarrassing” to Trump, but that impeachment would be unlikely because Republicans in Congress would not “buy in” to such a proceeding.

During Fox News’ coverage of the fallout from the Mueller report, anchor Dana Perino asked Wallace, “Where do the Democrats go from here? Do they think, upon first reading, that they have a case for impeachment, or at least more hearings?”

“There’s no question they’re going to say this doesn’t answer all of their issues and they will have more hearings, at the very least, with William Barr and with Robert Mueller.”

“I would have to say, reading this report, that there’s a lot of stuff in here that is damaging to the president, politically embarrassing to the president,” Wallace said, adding that Trump “blows very hot at points in the investigation and directs various… to interfere and try to stop the Mueller investigation, but it never actually happens.”

But Wallace went on to say that he doesn’t think Democrats will impeach because “You had Nancy Pelosi say repeatedly this cannot be a purely partisan investigation, there has to be Republican buy-in.”

“I don’t see the kind of damaging new smoking-gun information to get a lot of Republicans to jump ship and say, you know, this is so far over the line, we’ll support an impeachment against the president,” Wallace said.

The Mueller report does contain a detailed legal rationale for Congress to take action on the basis of obstruction.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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