Fox News Contributor Ends Segment on Nunberg By Calling For Hillary Clinton To Be ‘Locked Up’


After spending the first segment of tonight’s program dissing last night’s Oscars, Tucker Carlson Tonight guest host Mark Steyn got around to the big news of the day — ex-Trump aide Sam Nunberg’s announcement that he won’t appear before a federal grand jury and his subsequent media blitz. And somehow, the conversation turned towards locking up Hillary Clinton.

Bringing on National Review contributing editor and Fox News contributor Deroy Murdock, Steyn first noted that “nobody heard of this Mr. Nunberg” while claiming that Nunberg was making the case that the whole Mueller investigation was a sham and that’s why he wasn’t agreeing to testify. Murdock told Steyn that he was actually friends with Nunberg and thought about calling him today, but figured he’d “get sucked in this Bob Mueller pool” if he did.

The two men then went on to discuss how the Mueller probe is just too big before stating that it was supposed to be about finding collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

“They found no evidence of this,” Murdock declared. “What amazes me, Mueller is so busy trying to find somebody that doesn’t exist. Yet, you have massive collusion on the part of the Democrats and the Russians. He’s not interested in looking at that.”

The NRO editor then took aim at Clinton, bringing up the Uranium One deal as an example of Russian collusion before giving a laundry list of purported crimes committed by the former Secretary of State:

“It strikes me as amazing. Not only are there no indictments, Mueller is not asking the question. You have a Boeing deal where Hillary got involved. Boeing gives $900,000 to the Clinton Foundation. She helped all these American company take a look. Those companies signed up, they, in turn, gave at least $6.5 million to the Clinton Foundation. We find out from Pentagon that whole thing was a scam designed to engage espionage to steal American technology. No questions, not interview, no discussion, no nothing. The woman should be locked up.”

After Steyn said it was all to help the Russians, Murdock added “lock her up — now, more than ever before.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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