Fox News’ Dr. Marc Siegel Bashes Lake of the Ozarks Revelers, Calls for Them to Quarantine: ‘I’m Deeply Disturbed’


Fox News contributor Dr. Marc Siegel expressed a great deal of concern over crowds of people who broke social distancing guidelines in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic to celebrate Memorial Day.

Siegel joined Ed Henry on Tuesday to discuss the outrage surrounding the crowded pool party that took place over the weekend at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. Henry noted how local health officials have warned that those partiers should go into self-quarantine, and Siegel agreed with that as he offered his own alarmed assessment.

“I’m very disturbed about this,” Siegel said. “If you see this kind of cavorting going on, you know, there’s a lot of asymptomatic spread of COVID-19. We don’t exactly know how it spreads, but close contact is definitely going to spread it.”

Siegel went on to predict that “we’re going to end up having a problem” if people keep crowding together this way as the country inches towards reopening. He made this point while emphasizing his view that social distancing does more to prevent the spread of Covid-19 than wearing masks.

“I’m deeply disturbed about this,” he said. “Some of the officials are saying maybe these people should go into quarantine after this kind of behavior. I’m not against that. We have to do something.”

Watch above, via Fox News

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