Fox News Host Responds to President’s Criticism of Biden: ‘Trump, Grabbing Women is Assault!’

Fox News host Juan Williams went after President Donald Trump for celebrating the allegations of inappropriate behavior leveled against Joe Biden, reminding the president that he has been accused of much worse.

Biden, the former vice president now weighing a run for the White House, has been accused by multiple women of inappropriate touching. Biden addressed the allegations in a video he put out Wednesday, explaining the touching as an attempt to make a “human connection.”

Williams criticized Biden’s clean up job, calling it “insufficient,” and suggested he address the allegations in an interview. Williams did, however, call out Trump for his own criticism of Biden, given the president himself has faced more than a dozen misconduct allegations, including allegations of sexual assault and harassment.

“President Trump: grabbing women is assault!” Williams said. “What Joe Biden did is just, at best inappropriate. It had nothing to do with sex.”

Fellow host of The Five Dana Perino, meanwhile, said she thought Biden could survive the controversy and successfully enter the Democratic primary.

“For some perspective, he has met probably a million people in ten years,” co-host Jesse Watters added. “Four women said they felt uncomfortable. This was not sexual assault. This was nozzlegate.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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