Fox News Hosts Defend Trump’s Wild Briefings, Melissa Francis Hails His Unyielding ‘Energy and Stamina’


Fox News show Outnumbered defended President Donald Trump as he faces heated criticism for his sometimes alarming press briefings on the coronavirus pandemic, with one co-host proposing, as a resolution, replacing members of the White House press corps who have “hatred” for the president.

The Monday panel debated whether daily briefings would continue after Trump suggested over the weekend that they’re “not worth the time & effort.” The briefings sputtered out after Trump proposed that injecting disinfectants into the body could help fight the coronavirus, stunning comments that drew criticism across the board.

As Katie Pavlich called the briefings “enormously helpful” in keeping the country informed on the pandemic, #OneLuckyGuy Dr. Marc Siegel offered similar praise while highlighting the presence of Doctors Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx.

“It isn’t just the president talking,” Siegel said. “All these people come into the microphone and inform the American public.”

Despite that, Trump has faced public criticism for the fact that he tends to speak at briefings a lot more than the health experts who join him. Seigel conceded that “big” mistakes were made during the briefings, but then pivoted to an attack on the media: “The issue is though, unfortunately, a lot of this information gets politicized.”

It gets bandied about in the media like some kind of contact sport. That is so deeply disturbing. One mistake — I’m not saying mistakes have been made, big ones have been made, obviously – but the idea that people are waiting in the wings to take this information, attack the president or other people in the task force, is not helping in the fight against this virus.

Lara Logan attacked the media too, defending Trump while proposing he “replace those reporters with ones who actually don’t have such a hatred for the president and such a history and record of hostility in all of the interactions and their reporting.”

As Pavlich turned to Melissa Francis, she remarked that the length of the pressers “does leave a lot of room for making mistakes while you are receiving new information.”

Francis also appeared undisturbed by the president’s recent briefing comments suggesting the injection of disinfectant into the human body. Instead, she hailed the president’s “stamina”:

I can’t believe he kept it up this long. I mean, this president, it shocks me every day the amount of energy and stamina he has. I don’t think any of the rest of us can keep up with him, and I have no idea how he does it. We couldn’t stand there for hours and hours every day. I know I couldn’t. I think it had to end at some point, and it makes sense to have it now because we are seeing the curve flatten…We are not out of the woods, and I don’t mean to imply that in any way, but it does feel like we turned a corner and we are getting closer to opening things back up all around the country. So it’s a perfectly logical time. It did get to the point where reporters were going into ‘gotcha mode, but they will always do that. That’s just sort of the nature of the beast. This time it’s more exaggerated than in the past, but this is a totally different president.

For the record, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has announced that tonight’s briefing will happen after it was previously expected to be cancelled.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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