Fox News’ Juan Williams Confronts Sen. Cornyn Over Merrick Garland: You Didn’t Give Him a Fair Hearing


Senator John Cornyn (R- TX), the number two Republican in the Senate, spoke to the hosts of Fox News’ The Five about Brett Kavanaugh and the FBI investigation this afternoon, but Juan Williams took a moment to bring up Merrick Garland.

Williams brought up how Republicans “refused to look at Merrick Garland” and said it’s another indication of how the process has been politicized, telling Cornyn, “I worry that the court itself is going to, like so many American institutions, absolutely go down in the trust factor among Americans.”

Cornyn recalled the infamous Robert Bork hearings and how things have gotten worse since then, calling out Harry Reid in particular.

Williams said it still bothers a lot of people that Garland wasn’t even considered. “You wouldn’t even give Merrick Garland a chance, a fair hearing,” he told Cornyn.

Cornyn pointed to the “Biden precedent” regarding nominating Supreme Court justices during an election year and said that the American people spoke in choosing Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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