Fox News’s Katie Pavlich: America Gets ‘No Credit’ For Ending Slavery in ‘Within 150 Years’


Katie Pavich wants America to get what she believes to be deserved credit for ending slavery in just a short 150 years.

The Fox News contributor offered that insight during a segment of Outnumbered focused on reparations to ancestors of former slaves that the U.S. government promised after the Civil War, but never fulfilled. Reparations have become a hot topic of debate for Democratic presidential candidates in the run-up to the 2020 election.

Pavlich opened by noting that she had “two pretty strong views,” before offering that in her esteem, America gets ” no credit” for being the first country to end slavery “within 150 years.” Pavlich’s expertise as a Fox News analyst appears to not include any expertise in world history, as there are many countries that abolished slavery long before the United States who granted freedom from slavery in 1863 with the passing of the Emancipation Proclamation.

Facts be damned, Pavlich continued to parade her ethnocentric point of view by claiming that “we’re the country that decided to end (slavery) and we’re still dealing with the issues.”

She then continued with her very odd take, dismissing reparations because they may offend people who had nothing to do with slavery to start.

“If you want to inflame racial tension even more, start blaming people who have nothing to do with slavery for the sin of slavery,” she offered. “That is not fair, that’s not the American way, and we shouldn’t be doing it.”

In Pavlich’s view, the real victims of possible reparations are the white people who will be treated unfairly. And paying ancestors of slaves would create so much inflammatory racial resentment that we, as a nation, should just skip the whole damn thing.

Pavlich later clarified her comment via Twitter:

This conversation comes when President Donald Trump has been criticized for rhetoric that often finds support with White Supremacists, and when Fox News has been criticized for benefitting from a “symbiotic” relationship with the Trump administration.

Watch above courtesy of Fox News.

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