Fox News’ Kennedy Floats Theory Nikki Haley Wrote Anonymous NY Times Op-Ed


On Fox’s Outnumbered on Monday, Judge Andrew Napolitano and hosts Kennedy, Harris Faulkner, Melissa Francis, and former Hillary for America spokesperson Adrienne Elrod were discussing President Trump’s interview for 60 Minutes, and on the topic of how much he can trust people in the White House, had a bit of conversational chaos. Even the subject of Nikki Haley and the infamous New York Times “resistance” op-ed came up.

Napolitano lamented the state of affairs in the White House being at a point where the President feels he can’t trust those around him, and took an aside to praise Gen. James Mattis and express his regret that Trump criticized him. But Melissa Francis brought it back to the topic of trust, which is where the clip above begins.

“Of course he doesn’t trust everybody in the White House, and I can’t imagine that any President ever does,” she said. “I think every president that’s in there is going to have somebody they feel suspicious of at one time or another, who is in there for themselves as opposed to being there for the president.”

“I was disappointed to hear him say he has to be guarded, he should not have to be guarded,” replied Napolitano. “There must be a group around him in front of whom he can be a hundred percent himself.”

Faulkner reacted in disbelief, saying “are you kidding me?” She brought up Omarosa Manigault recording him, which everyone agreed was “outrageous.”

Elrod then cited Bob Woodward‘s book to say that it’s no wonder that Trump can’t trust anyone in the White House.

Napolitano then said “I’ve gotta get this in… what ever happened to the search for the author of the anonymous New York Times op-ed? Did they find the person and discover it’s really one of their friends and they don’t want to out the person?”

“Or did that person just resign as U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.,” asked Kennedy.

“Woof,” said the Judge.

“What?” asked Faulkner.

“I’m just asking a question!” Kennedy replied.

“As a hypothetical,” Napolitano laughed.

“As a hypothetical,” Kennedy agreed. “I don’t know, I’m just wondering.”

The discussion concluded that leakers and lack of loyalty are not unique to this administration, but that Trump should do something about it.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News.

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