comScore Fox News’ MacCallum Presses Georgia Gov on Reopening Plans: ‘I Hope That You Are Making the Right Decision’

Fox News’ MacCallum Presses Georgia Gov on Reopening Plans: ‘I Hope That You Are Making the Right Decision’


Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum questioned Georgia Governor Brian Kemp Tuesday night on the details of his plans to reopen some businesses in his state within the next few days.

There have been a number of concerns that the state may be reopening those businesses too soon given the coronavirus stats in Georgia, and MacCallum brought up what Dr. Deborah Birx said about governors needing to be transparent about the data they’re using to make such decisions.

Kemp said, “I spent all weekend working with Dr. Toomey, who’s a great epidemiology — a great public health official, one of the best I think in the country. I did not make this decision without her support. We poured over this data. We’re looking at all kind of different models. I’ve had hospital CEOs that I’ve been in contact with that reached their peak way back on April 6.”

He said Georgia is taking “measured steps” and not a “giant leap forward.”

MacCallum followed up by asking, “In Atlanta, if someone wants to get their nails done or their hair done on Friday or a tattoo or go to a gym, these are very close contact kinds of businesses that are the first ones on your list. Can you explain why you would start with those kinds of businesses on day one?”

“Those are the ones that were closed. The other businesses in Georgia are still currently opening under the order that I have now,” Kemp responded.

He said they will have to “follow the strict guidelines” and said it’s time to help local business owners who are “bleeding money” right now.

MacCallum brought up the idea of businesses screening for illnesses and asked how that’s going to work, for example, at gyms.

“Let’s say that the gym decides they’re going to test everybody’s temperature when they walk in. But as we all know, there are asymptomatic people who are contagious to every person that they come in contact with potentially,” she said. “So once you’ve got a fever, it’s already too late. You’ve already been five days of being someone who can spread that disease. So how are you going to screen these people who want to go to these businesses?”

“The same could be happening at the grocery store and other places. That’s why the fitness owners— I have great confidence in them spreading people out when they are doing a workout,” Kemp responded. “We’ll be putting those guidelines out. And listen, if people don’t want to go, they don’t have to go.”

At one point MacCallum told Kemp that everyone in the country will be watching Georgia to see what happens, saying, “I hope that you are making the right decision and that it keeps people healthy.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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