Fox News Panel Blows Up Over Illegal Immigrants: ‘Are You Jesus-Splaining Immigration To Me?!?’

On Thursday night, things got very heated during a Fox News panel over incarcerated illegal immigrants in the U.S.

After introducing columnist Kurt Schlichter and Forward Solution Strategy partner Isaac Wright, Fox News @Night anchor Shannon Bream admitted that she was “a little afraid” of having the two of them discuss the topic.

Wright began by arguing that statistically you’re “less likely” to commit a crime if you’re an immigrant, which caused Schlichter to literally roll his eyes.

“Well gosh, I thought they were all aspiring valedictorians, Shannon!” Schlichter exclaimed.

“Some of them are,” Bream clarified.

“In federal prison?” Schlichter shot back. “Apparently we’ve got to import a bunch of immigrants to do the time American convicts won’t do. Look, I am tired of this whole thing being treated as some imposition by American citizens when they demand to choose and pick who comes into their country. This is a democracy! This country belongs to us! And these people disrespect us by coming here illegally, by disrespecting our laws, by breaking them, by coming here, and committing crimes!”

Schlichter added that he’s “not anti-immigrant” since his “beautiful immigrant wife” was in the next room and that she “came here legally with her family” and “built a wonderful life.”

“Immigrants are an important part of American culture. But the big lie, the big lie we keep being fed is that every immigrant is wonderful,” Schlicter continued. “They are not all wonderful. There are crimes being committed and the people paying the price are American citizens whether it’s in taxes or victimization.”

Wright pushed back by emphasizing the “logical” and “moral” aspects of the debate and even invoked religion.

“This is the part where believers in this country, and when I say believers, I mean people of faith, specifically Christians,” Wright elaborated, “are going to have to struggle with their conscience if they want to stick with President Trump, with Ryan, and with McConnell and against the lessons of The Bible, against the lessons of Jesus in the New Testament-”

“Are you Jesus-splaining immigration to me, Isaac?!?” Schlicter asked.

What happened next was a shouting fest that Bream struggled to rein in.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.


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