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Fox News Panel: Sarah Sanders Needs to Restore ‘Credibility’ After Refusing to Account for False Statement

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders claimed last week her credibility surpasses that of the media. On Sunday, a Fox News panel demanded she prove and demonstrate that, and provide more transparency to the press.

Discussing Sanders’ exchanges with reporters last week concerning the White House’s changing narrative around President Donald Trump‘s dictation of a letter about a Trump Tower meeting, Media Buzz host Howard Kurtz criticized Sanders for refusing “to even engage or acknowledge the question.”

Commentator Mollie Hemingway backed Kurtz’s objections to the press secretary’s treatment of the press, stating that the backtracking on the story “needs to be acknowledged.”

“No one begrudges her for having had false information,” Hemingway said. “And it’s not a big deal whether the president dictated this letter or not. But something needs to be done to restore credibility when you have said something that’s not true, and I’m surprised that they don’t have a better way of cleaning that up.”

(It is worth noting that it does, in fact, matter very much whether the president dictated this letter, given that the meeting, which the president is not reported to have attended, was held between Jared KushnerDonald Trump Jr. and a Kremlin-linked attorney.)

Panelist Juan Williams also aired his disapproval of Sanders’ handling of press briefings, calling her behavior “very combative,” while adding that he believes “it’s reflective of her boss, who I think is a huge leaker.”

“The idea is that she’s protecting her boss, or somebody very close to her boss who gave her the bad information,” Williams said. “So she’s being a good soldier for the administration, but in the context of the American press and the Trump Administration it takes on a different hue.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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