Fox News’ Tyrus Contrasts Nancy Pelosi to Batman After She Removed Mask for Photo Op: ‘Unfortunately Batman Is Not in Our Government’


A Fox News panel called out Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Saturday for removing her mask to take a photo after swearing in Rep. Jake Ellzey (R-Texas), despite a new mask mandate imposed by Capitol Police for the House side of the Capitol.

Fox News host Carley Shimkus began by noting that “another big and ever present part of the Covid-19 era has been hypocrisy.”

“Nancy Pelosi, she got her hair done at the salon when nobody else could, and this week she said masks would be required for all members of the House and it already looks like she’s breaking her rules on that front as well,” Shimkus added, before playing a video clip of Pelosi and Ellzey removing their masks.

The mask removal took place Friday outside of the House chambers — where Pelosi imposed a fine for going maskless — but did appear to violate the Capitol Police’s mask mandate.

Fox News’ Tyrus commented that Pelosi broke her own rule, contrasting her standards to those of Batman.

“You know it’s like that old Batman movie where the Joker’s like ‘you’re going to have to break your one rule.’ And you know of course Batman wouldn’t do that,” he said. “Unfortunately Batman is not in our government.”

Tryus then pivoted to criticize “politicization of medicine.”

“We’re just seeing the irresponsibleness of mainstream media, the politicization of medicine — which is never a good thing — and we are seeing how well they are prepared,” he said. “If you give an interview coming from the field of science, you shouldn’t have to use things like ‘um’ and ‘and’ and ‘hold tight,’ because you should have a prepared statement with all the facts already there.”

He continued: “We have politicization on both sides of the fence where everyone has got something to say about nothing and then when you look to the CDC to be that strong voice of just the facts and ‘this is where we are at’ and giving us bad news.”

“Americans can take bad news, they can take good news,” Tyrus said. “What we can’t take are inconsistencies and whataboutisms. We need actual facts when we’re dealing with our medicine.”

Shimkus then brought the panel back to the conversation about hypocrisy, bringing up Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) not wearing a face mask on Friday night for her indoor birthday celebration. Bowser announced a new indoor mask mandate, even for vaccinated individuals, on Thursday which took effect on Saturday, hours after the photo was taken.

“It appears we’re in for another round of rules for thee and not for me,” Shimkus said.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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