Fox’s Bartiromo to Navarro: ‘How Is It Possible’ Trump Is Trailing Biden in the Polls Right Now?


On Fox News this morning, Maria Bartiromo asked White House trade advisor Peter Navarro how it’s possible that President Donald Trump is trailing Joe Biden in the polls.

“This president has been the law and order president. This president has been the first president to really push back on China and all of their decades of theft of American intellectual property. Setting up a city within your own city, guarded by guns in Seattle, CHOP, trying to do the same thing in Washington and in Providence. This would be fatal in any other time,” Bartiromo started.

“And yet look at these polls, Peter,” she continued. “How is it possible that the law and order president, in the middle of all of this, the president who’s got jobs and the economy number one, is trailing Joe Biden in every poll that you look at?”

She brought up Fox News’ own poll showing Biden beating Trump 50-38 and again asked, “We go through all the polls and all of the polls say the same thing, that Donald Trump is trailing with 127 days to go into the November election. How is this possible? What is going on?”

Navarro dismissed the polls and said he’s “not a big head-to-head match-up poller,” telling Bartiromo he thinks the election will come down to jobs, China, and law & order reform.

On jobs, Navarro said Trump is “clearly the greatest jobs president in history” and clearly tougher on china and clearly the candidate who will “keep our neighborhoods safe, our communities safe, our cities safe.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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