Fox’s Campos Duffy Says Trump Should Use Illegal Immigrant Cop Killing to Boost ‘Bargaining Power’ on Shutdown


Fox News contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy seems to be suggesting that President Donald Trump should politicize the death of California Police Officer Ronil Singh to obtain funding for his southern border wall.

Singh’s murder on Wednesday has drawn considerable media attention throughout the week — with the unidentified suspect being an illegal immigrant. With Trump threatening to keep the government shut down until Congressional Democrats give in to his demands on funding a Southern border wall, Campos-Duffy said on Friday’s Outnumbered that Trumps bargaining power would go up if he ratchets up the fear and uses Singh’s death against opponents of the wall.

“His bargaining power would increase if he gets out the message more. Twitter has been great but it’s not enough. We had a police officer die at the hands of an illegal immigrant just yesterday. It was absolutely tragic, but this is more than just the crime that comes over the border, we have drugs that are coming over the border that are devastating communities…I think he needs to make the case to the American people.”

Campos-Duffy argued that the while the whole country loses when the government shuts down, the political battle will be won by the side with the stronger message and with more trust from the country. Her point on Singh echoes that of Corey Lewandowski, who appeared on Fox several hours earlier to suggest that Democrats should be forced to answer for Singh’s death.

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