Fox News Host Cuts Off Heated Interview With Tim Ryan Linking Trump Rhetoric to El Paso Shooting


Fox News’ Neil Cavuto and Congressman/presidential candidate Tim Ryan got heated this afternoon as Ryan said there’s no question President Donald Trump is creating a toxic environment which leads to shootings like in El Paso.

Cavuto asked if it’s fair to say the president is “inciting this type of behavior.”

“I believe that the president is most certainly creating an environment here where people like this kid in El Paso drive ten hours to go kill Mexicans, kill people of color,” Ryan responded, pointing to things like Charlottesville and “send her back” to say Trump fosters an environment where “the lowest common do nominator” may take violent action.

Cavuto countered by bringing up the horrific congressional baseball practice where a Bernie Sanders supporter shot at Republicans. He asked if it’s really fair to blame a politician for the acts of their most rabid supporters.

“I’ve got my disagreements with Bernie Sanders,” Ryan responded. “But let me just say, Bernie Sanders is not creating an environment of intolerance, he’s not othering people. He’s not dismissing people because of the color of their skin.”

He said Trump clearly “race-baits” and “tries to separate us based on color,” bringing up how the El Paso shooter’s alleged manifesto had language similar to the president’s.

“You’re blaming his language on these shootings,” Cavuto said. “That’s going an extra mile, don’t you think?”

Ryan responded, “Look, I’m saying he has created an environment in the United States that is absolutely toxic.”

“What was the environment under Barack Obama when we had shootings?” Cavuto asked. “You pick and choose, but you don’t like Donald Trump, right?”

Ryan said he’s not picking and choosing because the last few presidents were not “creating an environment around the color of people’s skin.”

Cavuto told him linking Trump’s rhetoric to a shooting is a leap.

“I’m not taking a leap. I’m telling it like it is,” Ryan said. “I’m telling you exactly how I see it. I’m sorry it’s the case and I’m sorry it may cut against somebody’s political beliefs and they may agree with Trump’s political philosophy, which is fine. If there is one, it’s fine. I’m talking about him creating an environment of intolerance in the United States. Instead of ‘out of many one,’ He divides us. You know it and everybody else that pays a little bit of attention understands that this is his M.O. This is what he does.”

As they argued Cavuto again told him he’s going too far and while Ryan continued making his point Cavuto abruptly ended the interview.

When he returned from break, Cavuto apologized to viewers “if I appeared rude” in his interview with Ryan, reiterating he doesn’t like the finger-pointing.

You can watch the segment above, via Fox News.

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